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Simply Science 101

Simply Science 101
Stegosaurus skeleton from British Natural History Museum, London (TW, 2016)

Welcome! If you have stumbled onto this page, I hope you are interested in informative and humorous content about scientific research and the manipulative world of data visualizations.

Who am I? - I'm just your run-of-the-mill professional wrestler with a bachelor's in biology and a master's degree in information management focusing on data science, data visualization, and information security.

Why this blog? - I firmly believe the communication lines between the research community and non-scientists has deteriorated to the point of mistrust. I hope to bridge this gap with humor and detailed posts about important topics and new developments in the life sciences.

Wait, did you say professional wrestler? - Yes. Click on the wrestling link above to learn more.

This blog is dedicated to Marshall and Dori, two lap dogs who are too large to be lap dogs.

Dori (left) & Marshall (right) always begging for treats

Contact: thom@thom-walsh.com (feel free to reach out with corrections, inquiries, etc.)

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